06 May, 2021

EEA Announces its Selection of 61 Short-listed Nominees in more than 15 Industries for the Final Stage


During a special sohour event held at the Marriott Zamalek Gardens last night, EEA Awards has officially revealed the names of the short-listed nominees in different sectors for the final stage. The announcement of the 61 candidates took place within the presence of a prominent batch of the most significant business figures, senior officials in the government sector, representatives of the public and private sectors, as well as a group of the greatest entrepreneurs and investors in Egypt, headed by the EEA Awards advisory board members and the jury panels that selected the candidates for each field. Each and every board member has taken entrepreneurship to another level by excelling and achieving an uplifting turn in their field. Therefore, EEA serves as the ultimate platform that congregates them to share their inspiring stories and enriched experiences with the arising entrepreneurs who have managed to turn their ambitious ideas into thriving businesses that will be recognized by such a prestigious board. The selection of the short-listed nominees was based upon a thorough evaluation process carried out by each jury panel who have put certain criteria according to each relevant industry. The jury members were briefed on the nomination applications that were carefully and transparently considered before the results were announced according to a series of meetings that took place during the past weeks. In its first edition, EEA Awards has qualified 3-5 contestants from each sector, bringing the number of finalists to the last stage to a total of 61 nominees, who were selected according to well-thought-out criteria characterized by integrity, transparency and fairness. The nominees in each category were evaluated by a separately dedicated jury panels composed of thriving entrepreneurial figures and experts in the field, who picked them based on their innovation skills to present fresh ideas with a valuable impact on the economy and society, enriched experience of running their company in Egypt for less than 15 years to give a fair chance and the golden opportunity to the arising entrepreneurs. However, the most important factor was assessing the entrepreneurs themselves who generated ideas that tuned into remarkable success stories that have set great examples for the young entrepreneurial minds. During the sohour night, Mr. Amr Mansi, CEO of I-EVENTS expressed his elation with the graceful presence of the prestigious group of thriving businessmen and major investors in Egypt to witness the first steps of success that began a few months ago in light of recognizing and acknowledging prominent project owners, companies and the Egyptian Entrepreneurial Community. Mansi further added: “We are proud to shed light on the impactful role played by our entrepreneurs with their significantly unique achievements. We would also like to extend our utmost appreciation towards the remarkable figures in charge of this particular sector for their continuous efforts to develop new and innovative ways to lead and motivate the rising entrepreneurial calibers working in various fields. The launch of EEA Awards comes in line with pushing entrepreneurs towards innovation and motivating them to widen their scope of thinking to accelerate the generation of the most beneficial ideas. We hope that this step will be the beginning of building a connected and developed Egyptian entrepreneurial community that serves that category, which is the main driver of economic growth in Egypt.” Regarding the jury and the advisory board members, Mansi commented: “We are honored with your highly-appreciated presence as EEA’s success partners. We believe that had it not been for the support we had and still obtain we would not have reached that stage, thank you for the great effort that has been made over the past days and for your experience and your credibility in evaluating the nomination applications and selecting candidates from various fields in this round.” Mansi further emphasized on the fact that the selection of the candidates was based upon a detailed assessment of the extent of their impact on society, and their positive contribution to the economy through achieving an uplifting turn in their fields. It is worth mentioning that ever since the launch of EEA Awards, the first event of its kind was recognized for its many distinctive attributes, which revolve around adopting categories and applying criteria for evaluating the owners of Egyptian companies, projects and entrepreneurs that encompass stories of success, excellence, exceptional achievements, and a leading position in various fields. The date of the closing ceremony of the first edition of EEA has been set to take place on June 12th, which comes in partnership with Inertia Developments, along with EG Bank, Orange, Pepsico, and Fine. In addition to EEA Awards' strategic partnership with a group of international and regional associations and institutions such as Endeavor, AmCham, EO and Gemini Holding.