The nomination can be submitted by the nominee him/herself or by anyone* associated with the nominee who can speak generously on behalf of that nominee’s entrepreneurial achievements.


23rd of May

Application Opens

13th of July

Application Closes

End of July

Finalists Announcement

21st of September

Winners Announcement


Eligible candidates should be:

founders or founding teams at their respective companies.

  • At least one of the founders must hold the Egyptian nationality.
  • Must have a legally registered business largely operating in Egypt.
  • Submitted company must be operational for a minimum of 2 years and less than 10 years, but keeping in mind that last year’s performance is what is most relevant for judging.
  • Previous finalists and applicants are encouraged to apply.
  • Former award winners may only reapply if they have founded or transitioned to a new company.
  • Candidates can only be nominated for one category.
  • Businesses must submit all required documentation to support their nomination. If the applicant fails to meet the submission requirements, they will be automatically disqualified.


Product Innovation & Market Fit

What makes your product/business different and how is it serving the current market by answering the questions below.

Business Model & Sustainability

Assesses the business model’s ability to address evolving market dynamics, customer needs, and industry trends.

Growth & Financial Stability

How has your product/business has been creating revenue and how does it plan to scale in the future.

Disruptive Impact

How much impact has your product/business had on its respective industry.

Overall Team

What is your founding team’s background and your supporting team that’s backing them.

Triple Bottom Line

What is the business's holistic impact on people, planet, and profit, taking into account financial profitability, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility.


Your information is safe.

All submitted material will remain confidential and will only be seen by the EEA team and our jury. All deliberation discussions and outcomes will not be disclosed to anyone outside of the jury panel and the relevant EEA team members. Applicants profiles may be used in pre- and post- event promotional material to showcase their stories, successes, and best practices. Permission will be sought from the relevant applicants before publishing any of theirr application material.


Please apply for the category that is most relevant to you and the business you own.

Art to Business Award

Recognizing innovators leveraging artistic expression to drive business growth, honoring organizations bridging the gap between creativity and commerce with visionary initiatives, including creative agencies, art studios, and event management firms.

Content Innovation Award

Celebrating pioneers of content creation and distribution, highlighting entrepreneurs driving market disruption and engagement through innovative storytelling and media strategies, such as content creation agencies, digital media startups, and publishing houses..

Digital Solutions & Customer Experience Award

Recognizing entrepreneurs revolutionizing retail through e-commerce, omnichannel strategies, and customer experiences.

Environmental Sustainability Award

Honoring champions of environmental conservation and eco-friendly practices, acknowledging businesses dedicated to fostering a greener and more sustainable future, including environmental technology firms, sustainable product manufacturers, and renewable energy companies..

Fashion Vanguard Award

Celebrating entrepreneurs with forward-thinking strategies, disruptive business models, and impactful initiatives that redefine the fashion landscape and shape the future of commerce.

Fintech Excellence Award

Honoring the entrepreneurs that have brought forth innovations in financial technology, including payment solutions, blockchain, and digital banking..

Global Reach Achievement Award

Recognizing entrepreneurs that have successfully navigated the complexities of international markets, demonstrating excellence in export strategy, market penetration, and global competitiveness.

Industry Disruptor Excellence Award

Celebrating entrepreneurs that bring disruptive solutions, technological products, and services to more traditional industries such as agritech, health tech, and edtech, reshaping the landscape with innovative approaches..

Local Hero Award

Recognizing the dedication and resilience of businesses within local markets, showcasing their exceptional commitment to quality, innovation, supply chain optimization, and community engagement during challenging times. Including suppliers, artisans, family-owned businesses, who play vital roles in creating powerful local brands.

Product Design & Innovation Award

Recognizing excellence in product design, celebrating entrepreneurs at the forefront of innovation in creating tangible solutions across diverse industries, from design studios to product development startups..

Quick Serve Restaurant Champion Award

Recognizing the creativity, innovation, and dedication of local QSR entrepreneurs in crafting compelling brand identities, delivering exceptional customer experiences, and making a significant impact on their communities.

Sports & Wellness Award

Entrepreneurs whose product or service, ranging from a nutritional product to a fitness app to a holistic center, improves humans overall health and wellbeing..

Rising Star Award

Celebrating the rising stars who have been in the business world less than two years and demonstrate exceptional potential, innovative strategies, groundbreaking products and a clear market fit for their products or services. from early-stage startups and innovative ventures to entrepreneurs launching transformative solutions.

Disruptive Duo Award for Market Innovation

Celebrates two enterprises who have collaborated to develop and implement a product or a service, through creating a business model that has significantly impacted their industry in a positive manner. The award acknowledges the pioneering innovations emerging from strategic alliances between startup innovators and corporate leaders.Eligible applicants must include one individual from a startup company and one from a large corporation..

Outstanding Youth Entrepreneur of the Year

The Outstanding Youth Entrepreneur of the Year celebrates the innovation, ambition, and impact of Egypt’s youngest entrepreneurial minds. This award is designed to recognize and honor young entrepreneurs between the ages of 16 and 25 who have demonstrated exceptional talent in transforming ideas into successful business ventures. Sector agnostic, the award highlights the diverse range of industries where young Egyptians are making significant contributions, showcasing their ability to drive change, create jobs, and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.

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