08 Mar, 2021



 At a day filled with promising opportunities for the aspiringly arising entrepreneurs from various fields of expertise, EEA, Egypt’s Entrepreneur Awards, has gathered top thriving entrepreneurial pioneers over a brunch on Saturday 6th of March 2021 to celebrate the launch of the first edition of the awards ceremony taking place in May. Among those remarkably reputable figures were the official members of the event’s advisory board, to provide the people of the now with the needed recognition and acknowledgement including Ahmed El Sewedy, President & CEO of El Sewedy Electric; Aladdin Saba, Founder Partner of BPE Partners; Ahmed Habib, President & CEO of Harvest Holdings; Hussein Rifai, Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Inertia which is powering the awards; Dina El Mofty, Founder of Injaz Egypt; Neveen El Tahri, Chairperson at Delta Shield; Onsi Sawiris, Co-founder and Managing Partner at HOF Capital; Thuraya Ismail, Executive Director of Mentor Arabia; and Wael Fakhrany, CEO of Omnix International. Each and every board member has taken entrepreneurship to another level by excelling and achieving an uplifting turn in their field. Therefore, EEA serves as the ultimate platform that congregates them to share their inspiring stories and enriched experiences with the arising entrepreneurs who have managed to turn their ambitious ideas into thriving businesses that will be recognized by such a prestigious board. In addition to the board, the brunch meeting also brought together members of each jury panel from every award category, each panel consists of highly influential market experts who started their journey with launching startups that turned out to become a booming success in their field of expertise. The brunch set the criteria of today’s creative entrepreneurial minds flourishing in different sectors to serve as the very first step towards commemorating the achievements and celebrating the milestones of different entrepreneurs, who have expertly identified themselves by launching and investing in their startups in various industrial leading markets. Dedicated to offering distinctive, valuable, and dynamic event, EEA was created to maintain a focal point for entrepreneurs to expand their exposure and increase their networking through a very significant gathering where their contributions are being celebrated and rewarded within the presence of exceptional advisory board to ensure the best quality and a new pool of crowd.

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